Okumura's applets

To see the applets follow these steps:

  1. Install the latest Java version
  2. Enable Java in your browser
  3. Add "" to the Java Exception Site List
  4. Restart your browser

Applets programmed by:

Masashi Hara, Tadayoshi Harada, Hirokazu Kato, Kouhei Katoh, Miyuki Nagumo, Kyouhei Tetsuka, Masanori Tatsumi, Yoshiki Uematsu. (Special thanks to Heiko Bihr for his improvements of the programs.)

(1) The arbelos in n-aliquot parts 1
A generalization of the classical arbelos
(2) The arbelos in n-aliquot parts 2
Odd and even patterns
(3) Several twin circles
Several pairs of non-Archimedean circles in the arbelos
(4) Okumura-Watanabe circles 1
A generalization of Schoch's Archimedean circle W15
(5) Okumura-Watanabe circles 2
Archimedean circles passing through a point
(6) Power's circles
A generalization of Power's Archimedean circles
(7) Okumura-Nakajima circles
Archimedean circles induced by skewed arbeloi
(8) Ubiquitous Archimedean circles
Archimedean circles cover the plane
(9) More Okumura circles
Archimedean circles of the skewed Arbelos
(10) Schoch line and Archimedean circles
Several Archimedean circles related to the Schoch line

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