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C=2#11100000 e=$(print '\\033[')
p=${0##.*.} && while ((${#p}>0))
do typeset -R${#p} s=&& x=${p#?}
c=${p%$x} p=$x; print -n "${e}1\
;3$(((C>>=1)&1))m$c${e}0m" >$s$c
done && print>>$s$c; eval echo *

This ksh-program is named ".secunet" and prints "secunet". It furthermore makes some preparations so that several Unix commands can display "secunet" in divers ways. (Click "Demonstrate" below to see, what we mean by this.)

The output is:

s e c u n e t

Download the source.
(You'll have to rename it to ".secunet")