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Piet program

Most programs presented here are either obfuscated or written in an "esoteric" programming language -- an example in "Piet" is shown left. (Yes, the GIF.)

I especially like "polyglot" programs. The code of such a program is valid in multiple programming languages. Polyglot programs presented here are:

o P6 (Perl, Shell, Brainf***, Whitespace, Befunge, C)
o P4 (Perl, Shell, Brainf*** and Whitespace)
o P2 (Perl and Ansi C)
o P2 (Perl and Brainf***)
o P2 (Perl and Brainf***)
o P3 (Perl and Bash, Perl and Kornshell)

Selected web resources:

o Polyglot Computing (
o A program in eight languages (
o Weird Programming (by Markus Schaber, in German)
o Signature Programs (collected by Frans Faase)

Links concerning JAPHs are here.