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secunet logo

In 2004 a programming contest was arran- ged at my employer secunet.

The challenge task was to write a short program that prints the word "secunet" or displays the secunet logo in any manner.

The program should be either obfuscated, or written in an "esoteric" programming language.

Ten colleagues took part in this contest, together filing 29 entries. The following programming languages were represented:

Bash       befunge     Brainf***  C
Chef       Excel       VBA        INTERCAL
Kornshell  Logo        Ook!       Perl
Piet       Postscript  Scheme     sh
TCL        Whitespace

If interested, download this PDF document (311 kb, in German) with all entries.

I'm presenting 6 of my entries here.

#1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6