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"Just another Perl Hacker"

A "JAPH" is a small Perl program that prints
"Just another Perl Hacker".

The code should be somehow or other obscure,
illegible, obfuscated or formatted funnily.

My favourite web resources on JAPHs are:

o  Abigail's brilliant "slides" on JAPHs and
   other weird stuff. (Abigail is IMO one of
   the greatest masters of JAPH.)

o  An Obfuscated Perl Contest Entry by Mark
   Jason Dominus with detailed explanation.

o  A CPAN archive of 224 JAPHs.

My 5 JAPHs are just experiments. Needless to
say, they do not approach the quality of the
JAPHs from the sources above.

 JAPH 1   JAPH 2   JAPH 3   JAPH 4   JAPH 5